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Saluting Our Heroes

Every day, the members of the Paterson Police Department put their lives on the line. Some days are uneventful. Other days are full of danger. And some days, their dedication to the job leads them to perform great acts of heroism. This area of the PBA Local 1 website celebrates those officers and soldiers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. 


Medal of Honor Recipient

To give full public recognition to those whose actions have brought honor to themselves, their families and the Paterson Police Department. 

Medal of Valor Recipients

The following personnel received the designated awards for extraordinary actions taken from the year 2014.

Off. Muhammed Karasekreter

Det. Russell Curving

Off. James DiPiazza

PCPO Det. Ricardo Ferreira

D/Sgt. Anthony Hyatt

Off. Robert Klein

Sgt. Steven Rooney

Chief’s Medal Recipients

Alba, Det. Aramis

Baird, Off. David

Brito, Det. Francisco

Campos, Off. Rafael

DeLaCruz, Off. Robert (2)

DeLucca, Off. Jason

Duffy, Off. Ryan

English, Det. Jason

Findlay, Off. Daniel

Gomez, Off. Shirley (2)

Gonzalez, Off. Manuel

Goodson, Off. Brian

Grandez, Off. John

Hernandez, Off. Rafael (2)

Heyaime, Off. Cesar

Iacuzzo, Det./Sgt. Steven

Judeh, Det. Sal

Khadaroo, Off. Taithram (2)

Kulaksiz, Off. Ahmet

Kunzig, Det. Kevin

Lora, Det. Victor

Luizzi, Off. John

Macolino, Det. Salvatore

Martinez, Off. Daniel

McCausland, Off. Richard

Mercado, Off. Roberto

Miccinilli, Det. Paul

Mineo, Off. Claude (2)

Montoya, Det. Eric

Quinones, Off. Michael

Ravallese, Det. Christopher (3)

Rodriguez, Off. Carmen

Rodriguez, Off. Juan

Sanchez, Off. Lillian

Santiago, Det. Joel

Tabor, Off. Timothy

Torres, Off. Edgar

Tuncel, Sgt. Kenan

Urena, Off Michael

Lifesaving Award

Culmone, Off. Brian

Gee, Police Assistant Damir


Green, Off. Corey

Lugo, Sgt. Eladio


Torres, Off. Joel

Urena, Off. Jose


Medal of Merit

Altmann, Det./Sgt. Ronald

Avila, Off. Michael

Borrero, Off. Pedro (2)

Charon, Off. Carlos

Colondres, Off. Eric

Curving, Det. Russell

DeFrancesco, Off. Marc

Eason, Det./Lt. Scott

Ferreira, PCPO Det. Ricardo

Figueroa, Det. Michael

Formentin, Off. Virginio

Gencarelli, Off. Angelo

Hernandez, Off. Rafael (2)

Hyatt, Det./Sgt. Anthony

Iacuzzo, Det./Sgt. Stephen

Jiminez, Off. Angel

Kunzig, Det. Kevin

Lubrani, Off. Juan

Luizzi, Off. John (2)

Macolino, Det. Salvatore (2)

M'Causland, Off. Richard (3)

Menacho, Off. Pedro

Munoz, Off. Francisco
Niebanck, Off. William
Paez, Off. Nelson
Petrazuollo, Det. Anthony (2)
Polio, Det. Rolando (2)
Price, Sgt. Dalton
Ravallese, Det. Christopher (6)
Santiago, Det. Joel
Sieira, Off. Juan
Sykes, Det. Marvin

Letters of Commendation

Alba, Det. Aramis

Altmann, Det./Sgt. Ronald (7)

Bachok, Lt. (PCPO)

Brito, Det. Francisco

Bryant, ACO Andrew

Campos, Off. Rafael & K9 Chef

Casteneda, Off. Juan

Cruz, Off. Hommy

Curving, Det. Russell (7)

Curving, Off. Ryan & K9 Lannie (4)

D'Arco, Det. David

Day, Det. (PCPO)

DeCando, Chief ACO John

DeFrancesco, Off. Marc

DeGiglio, Det. Anthony (4)

Diaz, Off. Eric

Diaz, Off. Felipe

DiPiazza, Off. James & K9 Barry (2)

Eason, Det./Lt. Scott (6)

Formentin, Det. Mariano (9)

Gonzalez, Det. Evelyn (3)

Goodson, Off. Brian

Hernandez, Off. Rafael

Huntington, Det./Sgt. Jeffery (4)

Judeh, Det. Saleh (5)

Kavalich, Det. Clifton PD

Klein, Robert & K9 Monty (4)

Kunzig, Det. Kevin

Kush, Off. Marj

Loran, ACO Steven

Macolino, Det. Salvatore (13)

Martinez, Sgt. Victor & K9 Sammy (2)

Mella, Det.(PCPO)

Menacho, Off. Pedro

Miccinilli, Det. Paul (5)

Mineo, Off. Claude

Miyasato, Det. James (6)

Montoya, Det. Eric (4)

Niebanck, Off. William

Oquendo, Det. Miguel

Orozco, Det. Robert

Oswald, Det./Capt. Troy (4)

Palomino, Off. William (2)

Perales, Det.(PCPO)

Ravallese, Det. Christopher

Ricciardi, Det. Joseph (5)

Rivera, ACO Angel

Romary, Sgt. Douglas

Santee, Det. Steven

Saracino, Sgt. (PCPO)

Spallacci, Off. Gabriel

Sykes, Det. Marvin

Torres, Off. Edgar

Torres, Off. Oswaldo

Trommelen, Det. Sgt. Thomas (6)

Vazquez, Lt. George

Wester, Off. Jason

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